A Just World

We thank God by working for a just and loving world.


Quite a concept. We strive to fill this grand idea with life. A just world — just think about it… what a noble goal. Hands-on is how we pledge to work turning the abstract into action. Resources not being unlimited, one can’t do justice to a dozen worthwhile causes out there, so we decided on key focus areas.


Our goal is to affect change through

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Aspiration
  • Action

within three areas of focus:



Our church participates in the GreenFaith Bergen Circle a group of religious and humanist communities focused on a common goal to address and work to mitigate climate issues.


There are essentially three levels where we can be responsible and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet:

— individually,

— as a community (as in school, congregation, company)

— governmentally on a town/state/federal level.



As an Open and Affirming congregation, here’s how we feel, and not just in our sanctuary: because you are here, you are welcome.

Rockland County Gay Pride Festival

Our church participates in the Festival to spread awareness and our commitment to the inclusiveness of all people as an Open and Affirming congregation.

GSA Coffee House

In December we hosted a GSA Coffee House with the clubs from Park Ridge, Pascack Valley, and Pascack Hills High Schools. A good time was had by all on a wonderful evening of conversation, poetry, music, and bonding.

Coffee Houses are held twice each year.



As part of our endeavor to immerse ourselves in a better understanding of the challenges those facing immigration face while also providing support where we can, we’ve begun conversations with two organizations, First Friends of NJ/NY and New Sanctuary Coalition. 


First Friends of NJ/NY

Their purpose is to uphold the dignity & humanity of detained immigrants & asylum seekers.  They provide compassion & hope through volunteer visitation, resettlement assistance, and advocacy.  

How to get involved: 

  • “Stamp Out Despair” letter writing kits are being created:  Many detainees lack the finances to write to friends & family. In the narthex is a basket for donating stationery, envelopes, writing paper, and stamps to create the kits.
  • Be a Pen Pal and write letters of encouragement to a detainee 
  • Visit a detainee that may be without friends or family nearby, click here for more information and training. 


New Sanctuary Coalition:

Within their Accompaniment Program, we are looking for volunteers to accompany those that have been called by ICE and need to go to court.  We would attend as emotional support.  We will be publishing upcoming training sessions so please be on the look for those notifications and let us know if you are interested.  



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